General Shipping Guidelines

General Guidelines

1. Packing of Exhibits

Exhibitors shall be responsible for the consequences of improper packing.

a. Protection against damage and rain

Please note that exhibits are to be repeatedly loaded and unloaded by different parties during the course of transportation. Therefore, we strongly recommend exhibitors to take necessary pre-cautions against damage and rain, especially when exhibits are to be packed with original packing materials for re-export.

b. The Case

The case must be strong enough to avoid damage during transportation as well as unpacking, and in particular be suitable for repacking and for sale or return movement after the exhibition.
Packing incarton is not considered suitable for repeated handling, especially for valuable or delicate equipment. Damage claims will not be accepted for any cargo with improper packing or without packing. 

2. Case Marking

All packing cases, cartons, etc. being sent to the exhibition must be stenciled with the following information.

a. Name of Exhibition
b. Show Date
c. Company Name / Exhibitor's Name
d. Dimensions & Weight (in metric units)
e. Stand No.
f. Case No. (case must be numbered in sequence)

3. Stand layout plans

If your exhibit requires to use forklift or crane for positioning, please supply us with scale layout drawings so that we can position it before booth set-up. The design of some of the halls may limit the use of lifting equipment. Drawings should be accompanied with your List of Exhibits. 

4. Insurance

Our tariff is complied on volume or weight basis and has no correlation with the value of exhibits, therefore, no insurance coverage is included in our charges and all works are undertaken by JES Logistics at owner's risks. Exhibitors are advised to arrange a proper round-trip all risks insurance for the exhibits (including exhibition period).
JES Logistics can offer you insurance coverage upon request. Please contact us for a free quotation.
For routing of shipment, it is advisable to cover in the insurance policy both air and surface, as it is possible to re-export the exhibits by either way.

5. Storage of empties

Empty cases will be picked up from your stand if they are affixed with empty labels. Empty cases labels are available at our on-site service counter. It is understood that these labels are used for EMPTY STORAGE ONLY, no exhibit should be kept in the cases for storage. JES Logistics takes no responsibility or liability for loss or damage to contents while cases are in storage or for mislabeled containers. 

6. Return Shipment

Exhibits disposal instructions form and shipping labels are available at our service counter. We would appreciate to have your shipping instructions at least one (1) day before the show closes for further arrangements.

Shipment to HK

1. Consignee

JES Logistics Limited 
26/F, Winsan Tower, 98 Thomson Road, 
Wanchai, Hong Kong 
Tel: (852) 2563 6645
Fax: (852) 2597 5057

2. Arrival Date

Sea Freight : 8 - 10 days before delivery
Air Freight : 5 - 7 days before delivery

3. Destination port / airport

Hong Kong 

4. Documents for Customs Clearance

You may contact us for a standard pro-forma invoice / packing list format or use your own company format.
Documents are to be completed in English or Chinese only and arrive at JES Logistics' HK Office not later than 7 days before your shipment arrives.
Note : Should you be shipping dutiable, oversized or dangerous goods, 
please contact JES Logistics in advance. We will send you import requirements accordingly. 

5. Restricted cargo

Import / Export Procedures for Goods Importing or Transiting in Hong Kong 
Re-export license from the Hong Kong Government is essential for transshipping the following in Hong Kong 
a) Strategic commodities;
b) High-tech telecommunication equipment;
c) Textiles;
d) Wine & Spirits
e) Fresh /Frozen meat
JES Logistics Co Ltd will apply re-export license on behalf of overseas exhibitors. 

6. Temporary Import

Hong Kong is a free port and most of the goods are not dutiable. Exhibitors may also import exhibition materials to HK temporarily with ATA Carnet. 

7. Dutiable Goods

Cigarettes, wine & spirits, etc are dutiable in Hong Kong. Please contact us in advance for the Hong Kong Customs Regulations. Duty will be passed on as per outlay + 10% advance fee.

Shipment to China

1. Exhibition Documents

'List of Exhibits' form - a combined pro-forma invoice / packing list has to be completed for every separate piece being shipped. In case you have couples of packages which are all identical, you may fill in one form. To complete the List of Exhibits, please note : 
i) The List of Exhibits is to be completed in English and Chinese. We will arrange Chinese translation at extra charge.
ii) Full descriptions e.g. model name, model number, serial numbers, etc. must be given. For computers / TV equipment, size of screen diameter should be given. If there is anything not declared in the List of Exhibits or if there is any incorrect information, the Customs may impose penalties. In this case, the exhibitor is fully responsible for the penalty.
i) Should you be shipping oversized or dangerous goods, please contact JES Logistics for special arrangement well in advance.
ii) Fumigation - Cargo, with wood packaging materials is required to be fumigated at the port of departure. Please attach the original fumigation certificate with the original AWB / OBL and send to the consignee before shipment arrives. 
If the cargo is not with wood packaging materials, a letter of declaration will then be required.

2. Shipment via HK

Import / Export Procedures for Goods Transiting via Hong Kong (Please refer to the General Guidelines in this web site)
If the exhibits are classified as strategic goods in HK, the goods exporting to China is restricted under COCOM regulations. Please provide the documents below :
'List of Exhibits' form - a combined pro-forma invoice / packing list has to be completed for every separate piece being shipped. In case you have couples of packages which are all identical, you may fill in one form. To complete the List of Exhibits, please note : 
a) a copy of the export permit to China issued by the authorities in export country:
b) 3 copies of the product literature / catalogues 
Under no circumstances can JES Logistics Ltd guarantee the re-export license will be granted.

3. Literature and Publicity Materials - Censoring

Clearance of normal exhibits and display materials will be carried out upon their arrival on-site, by our representative.
However, please note that the following items have to be submitted in advance for censorship :
a) 2 copies of all literature being distributed at the exhibition.
b) 1 sample of any films, slides or video tapes intended for display together with a brief descriptions of their contents. These will be returned to the exhibitor at his stand before the exhibition opens.
c) 2 samples of any advertising give-aways e.g. plastic bags, key rings, etc
Samples of all the above in the quantities indicated must be sent to JES Logistics Ltd for possession at least 30 days prior to the opening of exhibition.
Never bring any products or publications with the name of Republic of China (ROC), but the name of Taiwan is allowed. Political slogans and obscene pictures in the opinion of the Chinese are strictly prohibited. Please contact JES Logistics for any query.
The Chinese Government rule that Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan are regions not countries. Therefore in drawing the map of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau area and Nansha Qundao (南沙群島)have to be marked as territories of China.
Brochures, give-aways , souvenirs, etc are subject to import duties as assessed by China customs.

4. Hand-Carried Exhibits

We do not suggest exhibitors to hand-carry commercial cargo to China. In case customs detains the cargo at the port of entry, a dock receipt will be given to the client. Please contact our on-site representative as soon as possible. We will assist exhibitors to complete the customs clearance procedures. Charges for such service will be collected at the exhibition site. 

Please note that the customs clearance procedures take time. Further we will not guarantee that the cargo will be customs cleared and delivered on time for exhibition.

5. Re-Export

Disposal / forwarding instructions will be discussed with you during the course of exhibition. Re-export formalities will require at least 3 to 4 weeks. Therefore, please do not make any plan on receiving the exhibits soon after the exhibition.

6. Formalities / Information for Sold Goods In China

If exhibit is sold at the exhibition, the exhibitor is required to submit a copy of the contract, buyer's company name, address and contact numbers to us before the close of exhibition. We will then apply with the Customs to leave your exhibit after the exhibition, this is subject to customs' approval.

For exhibits that are pending for sale, exhibitor may request to keep them in the customs bonded warehouse for not more than one month. This is, however, subject to Customs' final approval. Customs bonded warehouse storage charge will be borne by the exhibitor or buyer.